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Replace your paycheck income with massive passive income now. Learn how to be a Local Private Equity Investor in your town and create financial independence and retirement wealth.

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Replace your paycheck now

take your income to the next level

Creating a business from scratch or building a startup is not only hard it’s most likely to fail within the first five years. 

Learn how to build massive passive income by investing in profitable businesses in your area.

Become an expert

Become a leader in your area as a local private equity investor.


We teach you the foundation of the local private equity investing process. We teach you everything your need to know to complete your first transaction successfully.
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The tools you need

We provide you with all the templates and forms you will need to complete your first successful portfolio transaction.

Forms & Templates

Having the right forms and contracts at the right time is essential to your success. We provide you with everything you need from start to finish.
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We walk with you

We have a team of experienced investors who hold your hand every step of the process.


We don't just through you a bunch of information and say, "good luck." We hold your hand through the entire process until you have successfully completed your first deal.
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No Cash no credit

Your can complete your first successful transaction using none of your own cash or credit.

No cash method

Using none of your own cash does not mean no money down. It means you do not have to use your own cash or credit to be a successful local private equity investor. We show you how.
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Get started

Learn what is a local portfolio income investor and how you can profit.

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Lesson One - Getting Started

Take our FREE 3- day quick start course now!

Here is what you will learn

You will learn how to to replace your working active income paycheck in as little as 12 months. And you will replace it with portfolio income. Portfolio income is income that you do not have to work for to receive, and you do not have to maintain it.

It’s the difference between you working for your money and your money working for you. It’s safer and better than active income you receive from your paycheck and I’ll explain why as we continue. 

Here are the topics we will cover. 


Setting up your foundation is the most important step in the process. Your foundation is the tools, resources & collateral materials you will be using to successfully complete the process.


Deal Flow is creating a system where you are finding a reasonable number of deals to evaluate and analyze and invest.

Meet Sellers & Brokers

First impressions are the most important aspect of meeting business brokers and business Sellers. Make yours count by being friendly, prepared & professional.

Negotiations & Contracts

Contracts are easier when you have a set criteria, maintain your integrity, have a solid bottom and don’t buy the hype.


There are two way to finance a business without using your own cash:

1. Using the businesses credit and assets.

2. Using investors

3. Using a combination of both.

Closing & On-boarding

While this seems like the end of the process, it’s really only the beginning. Putting in strong financial and management controls is the final key to creating a successful & profitable passive income portfolio.

Get started on your Zero Hours Work Week Now

Take the first step to a zero hours work week with our mini course. Learn how to create a zero hours work week and replace your working income with a passive income source that is less risky than your job.

Take our FREE 3- day quick start course now!

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Local Private Equity Investor eBook

About the Course

30 Minutes

Our Course is designed to give you the best information in the least amount of time

Get Started Blueprint

The Course is made for those who want to start taking action the right way now.

Informative Video

Our one video will show you everything you need to know to get started now.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The course is totally free. All we need is your email address to delivery the course to you.

There is nothing else to buy.

The course is meant to give you an understanding and an overview of the business buying process. You will learn what steps you need to take to be successful. The crash course gets your feet wet but won’t teach you to swim.

The first thing that happens when you register for the course by giving us you name and email is you will receive an email confirmation that will take you to our course page. This will give you all the information step-by-step what will happen and what needs to be done.

The course gives a solid overview and understanding of the zero hours work week lifestyle.

Plus you will receive:

  • 1 Pdf files for reading material

Take our FREE 3- day quick start course now!

Your course helped me decide which if it's right for me.”


Zero Hours Work Week Mini Course Benefits


  • What is the zero hours work week lifestyle really?
  • How to create a zero hours work week?
  • How long does it take to start a zero hours work week?
  • Do you really do no work with a zero hours work week?
  • Can I really replace my paycheck using the zero hours work week?

Take action

  • Get started workbook to prepare you for zero hours work week
  • Step by step checklist before you start
  • Putting together your Zero Hours Work Week plan
  • Creating a Zero Hours Work Week meet up group

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