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Become a Local Private Equity Investor in your area

Imagine if you could replace your paycheck with lifetime income and never have to work again...

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The course

The Local Private Equity Investors course shows you how to replace your active paycheck with passive portfolio income. It is safer and easier than anything else to gain financial independence and retirement wealth.

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Course Syllabus

Preview of Course Syllabus

Building your foundation is the most important step to create portfolio income.

In this module we cover the tools and resources you will need to complete the portfolio building process successfully.

After building your foundation you will have a system and the tools you need to build portfolio income over and over again. 

Deal flow is the blood and life line of your portfolio income business.

Deal flow is the quantity and quality of  portfolio opportunities you have to evaluate and invest in. In this module we show you where we find unlimited sources of profitable opportunities and little known sources that are even more profitable.

When meeting Sellers and Brokers it’s crucial that you start off on the right foot by being prepared, professional and by creating offers that will have Sellers and Brokers begging you to work with them. 


We show you how to position yourself as a deal-maker who creates win/win deals and a person Sellers want to work with in the transactions you want to invest.

Having a plan and strategy is important if you want to be successful and having the fewest challenges to your success. We show you how to prepare to go through the portfolio building process and teach you what to expect and how to prepare for every sequence in the process. This will help you look professional and increase your profit potential. 

Private equity investing is not a one person project. You will need a team of professionals to help you navigate the process and create profitable private equity investments. 


We show you how to find professionals who are willing to help you and bring them on your team the right way to make sure you’re all on the same page. Having a great team will skyrocket your success and keep you out of financial trouble. 

Brokers have a huge advantage over you when it comes to negotiating tricks & tactics. They have been negotiating everyday for years and they also usually have professional training in negotiating. 

We show you how to turn their skills to your advantage and create win / win transactions. 

We have been negotiating with Sellers and Brokers for years and we have developed a negotiating formula that works 100% of the time and we show you exactly how to use it to your advantage.

This module is worth the price of the entire course. We show you how to obtain all the financing you need even if you have no credit or bad credit.

There are numerous combinations you can use to finance your portfolio investments and we show you how to do it even of you have no experience or resources.

This has been the most popular module in our Zero Hours Work Week Portfolio Course.

Be prepared for every part of the process and close as a professional venture capitalist.

We give you the inside information about what is involved with closing a portfolio transaction. Plus we give you hidden cost and fees that could pop up. We take the guess work and secrecy out of the closing process so you are confident and prepared to close your first portfolio transaction. 

How you structure and enter your new company after you have purchased it will make a huge impact on your companies moral, operations & profitability. We show you how to on-board successfully with the least amount of resistance.

In this module we wrap up our training. We answer remaining questions and help student complete their first transactions. 

We also celebrate your success and talk about transactions your classmates are doing and portfolio incomes earned from the class.

The last class of 5 students averaged $21,437.18 per student.

We also have additional modules that we keep hidden from the public but these additional modules will be like golden eggs to you and your success. 

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Local Private Equity Investors Course

How would you like to own 20% of Apple, Amazon or GM?


FREE one-on-one coaching (limited time)

It would be difficult to own  20% of a billion dollar company but you can own local businesses in your town as an investor and these businesses can be worth millions of dollars to you and your family.
We teach you how to buy profitable existing businesses in your local area as an investor. That means you are basically a stock holder and investor. You do not have to run the business.
We teach you how to do this without using any of your own cash, credit or needing experience. Everyday there are people in your area creating financial independence and retirement wealth with portfolio income.
The Portfolio Income Investors Masters Course is the go to course for those who are looking to stop working for a paycheck and start living a life of freedom and financial independence.


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14-Day FREE Trail

Learn at your own pace

Active investors
Experienced instructors

Live Training
One-on-One Coaching

Our most comprehensive course


Our comprehensive course teaches you everything you need to know about creating a Zero Hours Work Week with local private equity investing. You do not need cash, credit or experience to profit and start replacing your paycheck income.

One-on-One Coaching

Along with your course you will receive free weekly one-on-one coaching to help make sure you are on the right track and really be successful.

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Join our weekly live classes and have the benefit of being able to have your questions answered immediately or learn at your own pace on your own time with our recorded lessons.

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Because we lived on a fixed income, I had no extra money to invest. I was really living paycheck to paycheck. With your course and coaching I made $21,432.81 on my first portfolio transaction deal. That means I will be paid around $1,700 a month as long as I own the investment.

Other students did even better than me but I was happy with what I did. Now I can spend time with my grand kids and spoil them like I’ve never been able to do before.  

I can’t even begin to express the gratitude and respect I have for you sharing this information. It changed my life and has given me financial peace like nothing even has. 

Muegel S


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